‘True Love’ Island

With Love coming away from one sunny island to another not so sunny island I am wondering just  how individuals will be left feeling , how will they be adjusting and if there will be any space for their ‘love’ to grow as a couple or will they be left feeling they are on a deserted island?

Every generation seem to say “it’s not like it was in our day” and with today’s generation ‘talking, seeing, going out, in a relationship or friends with benefits perhaps this is the case. There appears to be more pressure to be perfectly groomed, constantly available on the mobile and no time to just be and let’s see.

However our relationships are formed and develop we continue trying to find a compatible partner. Sometimes our journeys and experiences leave us in a place we never expected and where things are never the same again. Perhaps leaving us happier than before or leaving our confidence and self-esteem in pieces.  With time, reflection, friendship and discussion we can brush our self-down, look forward and try again……….. As ‘no man is an island.’!!


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