This is not to be seen as confidence. We can have confidence about our skills but still have a self-concept about our worth and value.

Self-esteem is how we feel and think about ourselves. This will influence the choices we make and how we decide to live our lives.

No-one is born with low self-esteem, it develops from birth through experiences we have, things we have been told and then the things we tell ourselves.

When our self-esteem is low we can sometimes find ourselves unable to get out of situations we don’t like, unable to make changes, our resilience is low.

In today’s society young people and children can feel pressured of being and looking ‘good enough’ this can present in them engaging in negative activities such as: bullying, improper eating, drinking, smoking, self-harm.

Some symptoms of Low self-esteem:

  • Feeling worthless
  • Feeling inadequate around others
  • Find it difficult to have positive friendships/relationships
  • Fear change
  • Feel unable to succeed at tasks, work, school, college.

How we can help ourselves:

  • Be realistic of our strengths and weaknesses
  • Trust our inner-self, our own voice.
  • Learn to pat ourselves on the back and praise ourselves for doing well.

                     Treat yourself how you wouldtreat your BEST FRIEND

You could try some self-help web sites or books.

Perhaps try counselling- this can support you while you start making changes, become who you really are.

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