5 steps to healthy emotional wellbeing. Share with your young people.

Following these 5 small steps can make a big difference in our emotional wellbeing.

Be active: Try doing a little more,  even if it’s a walk, cycle ride or game of football in the park. Physical activity can help lift our mood.

Connect With People: Spend some time developing friendships / relationships with family and friends. Try talking to people face to face more regularly. It’s so easy to just chat on social media.

Learn something new: Developing new skills and hobbies can help our confidence and self-esteem.

Give: This can be as large as giving up time to volunteer for a charity or group. But small acts of giving, such as a smile, good morning or a thank you have been proved to benefit our emotional wellbeing.

Being in the moment: Noticing what is going on around us and being aware of thoughts and feelings in the present moment can help with our anxieties and worries.

Have a look at this short vidio by Rochdale Borough Council and some of the communities teenagers.



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