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With the impending day approaching anxiety could be riding high for all the family. All over the country parents, carers, teachers and students are waiting for RESULTS this Thursday.

Siblings could be feeling the tension throughout the home. Parents maybe thinking through every eventuality and the waiting student feeling pressure from all areas and let’s not forget the teachers too!

Anxiety and stress being high for this one day which seems to define years of effort and work since those first days in foundation class. But it is important to remember it is not what determines us as a person, although it is an important day it does not mark the rest of our life.

Things to help Parents:

Easier said than done: Try and stay calm and the atmosphere in the home will be more peaceful.

Try and offer solutions and alternatives it is not useful to be critical, your young person is probably their own biggest critic.

Try and make a plan with your young person. How will they receive their results? Do they want you nearby? Will you do something special to mark this landmark e.g. go out for lunch, make a great cake?

If things don’t go to plan have a plan B. Be prepared with telephone numbers for clearing, college and school opening times and maybe look at different options like apprenticeships.

Keep communication open if you can, sometimes it might be easier initially for your young person to talk it through with a friend or teacher.

The Student:

Remember to keep eating well and healthily, try to get some sleep the night before as Thursday will be exhausting.

It could be a good idea to keep away from social media; this can sometimes initiate unwanted anxiety and negativity.

If you are feeling anxious and finding yourself worrying, feeling sick, shaky. Try and help with steady breathing, perhaps a good walk, talk it through with a parent or friend, remember this will pass.

Remember Thursday is an important day. Find a way of celebrating your efforts whatever your results. You have reached an end of a chapter and give yourself a big tap on the back. WELL DONE!!!

If things don’t work out just how you would have liked try to recognise there are other ways to be successful. It is determination and belief in your own ability that can help. Remember Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Sir Richard Branson and Simon Cowell were not all academics at school.

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