Is Your Nest Feeling Empty?

The results are in…choices have been made and suddenly all that hard work over the years seems to have come to an end.

You may now be left feeling a mixture of emotions. Happy for your young person that they got what they needed and doing what they have been working for, but you may now start to feel a low mood.

Empty Nest Syndrome refers to feelings of depression, sadness, and, or grief experienced by parents and caregivers after children grow up and leave home. This can be leaving for university, moving into their own home. Some mothers may have an experience of this when their young child starts school or nursery for the first time.

Symptoms could be a sense of loss, feelings of sadness, loneliness, perhaps a feeling of lost identity or purpose.

There are things you could try to help with these emotions and changes.

Before they leave make sure they have things they will need, have that discussion on budgeting, cooking and good emotional wellbeing. They too may be struggling with their emotions and will need to know you are proud and excited for them.

Recognise that all the years of worrying and moaning about your young person’s time on mobiles, apps and computers will now be beneficial to you. You will be able to contact your young person at a touch of a button, skyping and facetime will help you to see how they are looking. Messaging is great for quick updates and is probably a quicker way to get a response!

Try and fill up all that spare time, maybe try a new hobby or night class, visit friends and go to those places you wanted to go but your children didn’t. Remember the more you do the more you will have to talk about when you do get that phone call.

We are now living in the boomerang generation so it may not be long before your young person is back living at home …… try and make the most of your new freedom.

If you are finding things hard you could talk to other parents and carers in the same position or you could talk to a counsellor to understand the feelings of loss and grief. How about giving yourself a big WELL DONE for getting to this big stage in yours and your child’s life.

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