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Is Your Nest Feeling Empty?

The results are in…choices have been made and suddenly all that hard work over the years seems to have come to an end. You may now be left feeling a mixture of emotions. Happy for your young person that they got what they needed and doing what they have been working for, but you may […]

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‘True Love’ Island

With Love coming away from one sunny island to another not so sunny island I am wondering just  how individuals will be left feeling , how will they be adjusting and if there will be any space for their ‘love’ to grow as a couple or will they be left feeling they are on a […]

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Are you feeling Anxious?

Anxiety With 1:4 people suffering with a mental health difficulty people are struggling to find support. It appears anxiety is becoming an experience not only for adults but for young children and adolescents too. Societies pressures, expectations and general living today’s fast and pressured environment makes it difficult to find an inner peace and calm. […]

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