A confidential and peaceful environment for adults, children and young people.

Adults: Working with issues such as: attachment, anxiety, stress, depression, family issues, relationship issues, bereavement, bullying, low confidence, low self-esteem, trauma, seperation and divorce, carers.

Children: Having had over seventeen years working with children I am aware they express themselves through creativity, and therefore i work this way. Working with puppets, drama, music, art and the use of toys creates a space where a child can express themselves and work at their own pace in a safe place to process their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Young People: With the brain between changes young people can find this time confusing and hard to understand themselves, identity and emotions. Using creative techniques and talking therapy can help to understand these processes and help initiate growth. Also working with issues around low self-esteem, low confidence, self-harm, bullying, trauma.



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